Running a business requires a seemingly never-ending to-do list and hours of extensive overtime. For small businesses especially, building and maintaining a professional online presence falls to the wayside to make time for other immediate tasks. However, it is absolutely vital to position your business online. A professional website motivates prospective customers to trust and do business with you. No website means you are losing valuable business.

Top Reasons to Create a Website for Your Business

  • First impressions are important. As clichéd as it sounds, first impressions are incredibly important. People Google products, places and services before they shop, and consumers are constantly passing judgement based on what they find on the Internet. Your business may have a great reputation and your actual storefront may be as professional as they come, but if you do not have a virtual storefront, your business will be overlooked.
  • Websites are cost effective. Building a website for your business may seem like an unnecessary cost, but they are actually extremely cost-effective marketing tools. They basically offer an unlimited number of full-page “ads” talking about just your services/products and business. Plus, this content can be quickly changed at any time. Print ads do not offer that luxury.
  • Websites operate 24-hours a day. Your business may be closed, but your website is always open. It is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to answer any questions prospective customers may have. Website are a great way to earn business during nights and weekends.
  • Websites improve customer service. Websites are created with the customer in mind. Contact forms and FAQ pages are a great way to answer questions, without taking away valuable time from running your business. This also creates trust with those looking at your website.

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