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A Beginner’s Guide to Data Security

If you have never been affected by a data breach or other Internet crime, it’s easy to overlook the importance of data security. However, it is now critically important to remain vigilant when it comes to your online presence. Gone are the days of easy-to-guess passwords used across all accounts. There are currently so many [...]

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Why Having a Website Is Important for Your Business

Running a business requires a seemingly never-ending to-do list and hours of extensive overtime. For small businesses especially, building and maintaining a professional online presence falls to the wayside to make time for other immediate tasks. However, it is absolutely vital to position your business online. A professional website motivates prospective customers to trust and [...]

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Iowa Tax Reform 2018: What to Expect

On May 5, 2018, the Iowa Senate and House passed the Iowa Tax Reform Bill (Senate Filing 2417), and Governor Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law at the end of the same month. It is the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history and contains tax changes that will affect the 2018 tax year. This [...]

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Top Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Services

As your company grows, so do many of the internal roles needed to keep your company on track. Focusing on key business functions increases overall revenue by earning new business and appeasing existing clients. However, there are other roles that don’t necessarily generate revenue, but they are an absolute necessity. Payroll services is one of [...]

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Tax Aftermath: How to Plan Better for Next Year

Tax season has now passed, and it’s time to create a more efficient game plan for next year. Unless you have a proper tax strategy prepared in advance, tax season can be a huge hassle. Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward steps you can implement now to prepare for next year. If your taxes caused [...]

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Six Ways to Take Advantage of Incoming Tax Law Right Now

New tax rates and other provisions will go into effect on January 1. Below are several things you can do this year to take advantage of the changing tax code. Be sure to schedule an appointment with us before the end of the year to discuss if any of these strategies could benefit you. Give [...]

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Tax Reform Legislation Simplified

You may have seen some information in the news about the draft tax reform legislation that was released recently – both by the House and by the Senates. These proposed bills have many differences. Here is a simplified breakdown of the main differences between the two.   House Version  Senate Version Individual Tax Rates Four [...]

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Five Smart Year-End Tax Strategies for Business Owners

It is almost the end of the year. Many small business owners are starting to think about their budgets and goals for next year, but have you thought about the things you can still do this year to reduce your tax bill? You can get significant tax savings with proper planning. Below is a list [...]

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Bookkeeping Tips & Tricks

Small business owners need to wear a lot of hats, but one of the most important things owners can do is keep their finances in order. Bookkeeping is a necessary task for all businesses, though it may seem tedious. Here are some tips to keep your finances straight. Use software that fits your needs. It can [...]

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