Have you been dreading doing your taxes this year because you’re worried you may not have paid enough in and are afraid of what you might owe? We want to help you put those fears to rest. Though you may indeed have to write that dreaded check to the government, you don’t have to do it until April 15th, even if you start preparing your taxes now. Our team will find all possible deductions that you can take personally and/or for your business and then help you plan for the check you may have to write on April 15th.

Finding The Deductions

Unlike the tax softwares or advisors you see advertised on TV, our team members are certified and keep up with the ever changing tax laws to ensure our clients keep more of their rightfully earned money. A software tries to meet the needs of the general public and can only ask questions that have been programmed within it. Our CPAs will ask follow-up questions based on your personal situation to get you the largest deduction possible.

Planning for the Check

If you owe the Federal and/or State Government money once your returns have been prepared, you now have time to devise a plan to pay the liability. The sooner you start preparing your return, the sooner you know how much money you’ll owe and you can rest assured of knowing where the money will come from so you can breathe easy on April 15th. If you have money saved for this purpose, congratulations, you are in good shape. But if you are like the majority of Americans, you probably don’t know if you are going to owe money or if you are going to get a refund. In this case, we can help you with a financial plan to build back up your savings after you write the check in April or if you are receiving a refund, we can help you designate a plan for it. 

Bonus Tip: Filing Early Protects Your Identity

A bonus to filing your taxes early is protecting your identity. Cyber-criminals have begun trying to falsely file your taxes. If you are receiving a refund, these criminals can have the fund deposited into their account instead of yours. Don’t let someone else take your refund, get your taxes filed early!